We offer banisters complete with structure of bars, glass or wood according to your inspiration. Balconies, gates, fences, roof structures.

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    We manufacture elements and structures of steel alloy since 1998, which gives us the experience in design and fitting and to our clients the advantage in getting highest quality product.

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Stainless Steel

We offer to you a large choice of interior and exterior banisters in variety of shapes.

Simple and useful or decorative and diverse, as well as products that combine these features.

Lasting long years, easy to maintain - in matt or full shine options - with impeccable finish and fitting at your property.

We can suggest solutions on site or offer modern ways to suit your needs using highest quality steel alloy.

Gates and Fencing

We specialise in whole structures, elements or development. Products we create using stainless steel last years for our clients, giving them a clean and neat image.

Railings and Handles

As our banisters, these are also available in various shapes, non-corrosive, easy to maintain, and resistant to wear and tear. We offer railings and handles as a durable, reliable and useful product, which often adds to aesthetics too.

Roof and other structures; accessories

We invite you to arrange a free consultation regarding your needs. We guarantee durability and safety of our solutions, as well as a unique look. Regardless of size, we will create elegant and clean (easy to maintain) elements. Balconies and external safety features are also products in which our company is greatly experienced. Other elements or accessories we offer include decorative and practical elements for shops, offices, other manufacturers, as well as custom made vehicle elements, furniture parts, some restaurant and hotel furnishings.

Glass or Wood

Glass can be used in variety of clear and transparent, tinted or sanded. An option to create and arrange and type or colour of wood within the banister structure. These choices allows both us and you to choose the material best suited for a banister.

Other Services

Our of the ordinary solutions, unavailable elements, improvements and modifications are also part of our services, so we invite you to contact us for a quick response to your enquiry. Contact us also in regards to welding, polishing or sanding steel alloy.